Lazy blogger

Ok ok so I still haven’t said what has been going on. So this will be a lazy post. No pictures sorry

So what has been going on in my little boring world. Well I’m offically a student
nurse. Yes a nurse, back in school and it starts Jan 24. I’ve been to CPR and fire safety class and then workshop on wed. Stressing out to get to some requirements done and it’s due in a few days and I’m getting worried. Hope to get to over with by Monday.

Other than school. Earlier post I’ve mention about seeing linkin park and if I’m going yonder them play the staple center well…yes I am. I’m going to see them play feb 23 and I got two pit tickets. I’m excited.

So yea nothing else I could remember to write about that I could metion or forgot to mention sorry. Getting use to sleeping early for school

I’m tired so peace

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Happy 2011

So again I have yet to update this
thing but being the lazy person I am I

I do have so much to write about to and I want to keep this updated as much as possible for this new year for 2011

Well let’s say for now thanksgiving, Christmas and years eve to years day was really great fun!

I’ll come back in a few days and be more specific


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Yes I know I haven’t wrote anything in a long time but I’ll post a full update after Christmas for sure! Tons to talk about

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Im back

Yes sorry Ive been missing.

I had a couple busy days and now im sick.

So I have tons to talk about so lets get started.

The yellowcard show was fun, sad but about 80% of the setlist was songs I didnt know. hey didnt even sing old stuff like 1997-2002 era. I knew about 4 songs :(. It was pretty fun i guess, I met some nice gals. I took few videos and photos too

photo by: mariedet photography

Im looking forward for their new album, the new songs reminds me of the old stuff which is a great thing.

Anyways I saw Christina at the jay leno show. Now first off I had the best seats ever. I was right in front when she sang and I was still able to see her when she was getting interviewed. Thankyou staff of jay leno, I loved my seats!

Before the show My friend and I waited for a long time. 130pm till 6pm! I it was well worth it not because seeing christina but the taping itself. Ive been to many taping and this was by far the best. The warm up guy was so funny and nice. He even made fun of me in a nice way cause I wasnt into clapping and cheering. He was nice enough to cheer me up and made me clap and dance a little. He even did a really funny skit “angry gay guy in a bar fight” way funny seriously! The Jay went out and hes such a nice guy, talked to crowd and even took pictures with some guest on the set itself. Overall it was a really fun taping. christina sang so beautifully, I even cried a little haah. I will most def go again to the the Jay Leno taping no matter what guest!

Couple days later I went to Universal (theme park) I have a year pass and need to use it so my sister and I decided to go for a few hours, we didnt do much but I always have a good time. I notice as it was getting darker the more it got cold. An not so normal cold that l.a has been having. I happen to not have a jacket or nothing much to keep me warm. First of all it was pretty warm when the day started for us and then it was beyond freezing! Next day woke up and had a fever. That was last saturday and now it is tuesday! Hope I get better by thursday for tthanksgiving.

Last I will be taking my nurse exam to see if I can get into the school. I failed the first time YES I KNOW! i feel like a dumbass but hey its been over 4 years since Ive been to school or took a test so Im rusty. I will be retaking it tomorrow morning even though im sick.

OH! i forgot So linkin park tickets was on presale monday and here I am like a dummy all nervous and scared, awake at 7am and by the computer waiting till it strikes 9am for the tickets to go on sale for us LPUX members. 9am hits and I find out its not on sale yet for my city! what a major fail hahaah. Well they on presale for LPUX members dec 13, I cant wait!

Well thats all what happen in one week.

I will be posting soon about thanksgiving and i my dumbass failed that test or pass hopefully.

Till then peace.

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Tv Tapings

So for just the month of November alone Ive been to or going to 5 tv tapings. Its exciting to see your favorite actor or actress or music artist for FREE. The security, long waiting in line, waiting again in the studio, making you clap and laugh at things when its not even happy comes along with it. Its cool and sometimes annoying but to go through that to see someone you admire or even look up to is worth it. By living in Los Angeles theres tons of tapings around my area which is a great thing. Again Free events are always a bonus.

So I saw Christina Aguilera at the Chelsea Lately show, first off Christina is so pretty in person and very sweet and a bit funny, she was great! Anyways Ive never been to the Chelsea Lately show and Ive been to many tv taping but Ive never been to one that the security was so strict. They made me take off my sunglasses, like really? Also they made girls and guys take off their earrings and watches, I dont think that is necessary. I understand belts and keys but those other stuff um I dont think so and they didnt even ask in a nice way. I know their doing their job, they want us to be “safe” but at least ask in not an ass way, k thanks. Well thats what annoyed me on that day of the taping. OH and the was one nice guy who let me sit where I wanted, I wished I remembered his name but it was a dude wearing a blazer with a Chelsea latelty shirt. Also it was the shortest taping ever! Most of the tapings I go to last 3-5 hours or more and Chelsea only lasted it an hour or less. I wish Christina sang but no :(. Chelsea was pretty funny too btw. Well Im seeing Christina again next wednesday for the JAY LENO show. Im excited, I never been to his show.

So till then, peace

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Bringing back some old memories

So the past few months has been really cool. I notice that Ive been seing alot of music artist that I was listening to since highschool and even before than.

First the summer was almost ending and I hear Linkin Park new song on the radio, it sounded different from the music theyve put out before but I wasnt sure how to feel about it first. I was glad they were back, I didnt get into them as much as I was like for the first two albums in 2000 and 2004. Around 2007 when the MTM album was out I was way into the hardcore scene than ever before and I didnt really keep hold of linkin park how I use to and I regret it in a way.

Well back in sep. they were tickets to the MTV awards and linkin park happen to be preforming, I got tickets not only to the day of the show but also to see them practice. I was so excited to be there I was crying (dont tell anyone) Ive seen the guys twice but that was like 6 years ago. It was amazing to be so close to them and it made me realize how much I miss them. I bought their new album asap and loved it. I cant wait to see them live again in early next year for their next US tour.

Then Good Charlotte, no i was not a huge fan but they were one of the bands I listen to 8-10 years ago in my punk/punk pop days. I finally saw them for the first time in Jimmy Kimmel and had such a great time

Then Mariah Carey, yes even her. A pop icon who I adore since I was a kid in the 90’s. I remember watching her videos as a kid and wanting to be like her haha. I saw online that she was playing a free show in a venue not too far from me. I had the chance to see her for free! I was in line for 6 hours in the cold and another hour inside of waiting for her to come out to sing 8 christmas songs. She was amazing, I never have seen a solo artist that has been that great live. I had a great time.

Now Christina Aguilera, ive seen her preform and always thought she was amazing live. I never really have seen her get interviewed in person, so got tickets to see here at chelsea lately. I cant wait!

Then Yellowcard. This band is not well known like the other music artist ive mention above, but this band means alot to me. I remember around 2000-2002 I was in my Linkin Park crazy phrase and other bands like deftones and incubus. My friend made me a burnt copy of yellowcards cd and I hated it, she invited me to one of their shows in hollywood and I wasnt sure If I wanted to go. I never ever have been to a “rock” show so I said sure why not go to something Ive never tried. A few bands played before YC and I was front row well it was standing room only so I was in front of the stage (no gate) YC started playing, everyone was pushing me into the stage and I no clue what was going on. YC fans started singing along with ryan and a few songs passed by and I was just looking at the band and the fans and I rememeber clearly saying to myself, IM IN LOVE with this. Ever since that night I followed YC from 2002 to 2007, I saw them 20 times live and met all of them 5x, went to all their tv tapings and all l.a shows for 5 years. They were the band that entered me to such an amazing small venue scene that I still do it till this day, Ive seen over 400 bands live and any YC is still one of the shows I always had a fun time and never forget. I get to see them yes again this saturday . Ill have a blog posted next week about it along with pictures! IM so excited!

I had to alot to say in this blog, but it just amazes me how long these music artist stick around. Concerts, shows or gigs whatever you call, those things make me so happy and I hope to continue to see any music artist as long as I live.

Till then peace.

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A heat wave in november?

Im from los angeles, people around here love the weather, people go to the beach in the winter and it never snows. Perfect right? well..I happen to be one of those people who hate the sun and would love to move to seattle where to rains most of time. I dont get how can we get a heat wave in november, summer is over and im tired of this gross weather. Wheres the rain? I wanna where a coat, boots and a scarf. I stayed home today because of this heat which bored me to death which made me be in a bad mood most of the day UNTIL!…

I got my linkin park package in the mail. I happen to have won this contest I entered a few weeks ago and I got it today. I wasnt sure what the package contained but I was happy of what I got

Now since linkin park is in the subject, I hope to join the linkin park underground (lpu). Theyve had this sorta a fan club since the begining but I never seems to want to join it up till recently. Ive been a fan for 10 years now and I think its about time. Hopefully I can get pit tickets and possibly a meet and greet? eh who knows.

Coming this weekend Im seeing Mariah Carey. Random but hey its a free show!

Until then, peace

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