A heat wave in november?

Im from los angeles, people around here love the weather, people go to the beach in the winter and it never snows. Perfect right? well..I happen to be one of those people who hate the sun and would love to move to seattle where to rains most of time. I dont get how can we get a heat wave in november, summer is over and im tired of this gross weather. Wheres the rain? I wanna where a coat, boots and a scarf. I stayed home today because of this heat which bored me to death which made me be in a bad mood most of the day UNTIL!…

I got my linkin park package in the mail. I happen to have won this contest I entered a few weeks ago and I got it today. I wasnt sure what the package contained but I was happy of what I got

Now since linkin park is in the subject, I hope to join the linkin park underground (lpu). Theyve had this sorta a fan club since the begining but I never seems to want to join it up till recently. Ive been a fan for 10 years now and I think its about time. Hopefully I can get pit tickets and possibly a meet and greet? eh who knows.

Coming this weekend Im seeing Mariah Carey. Random but hey its a free show!

Until then, peace

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