Bringing back some old memories

So the past few months has been really cool. I notice that Ive been seing alot of music artist that I was listening to since highschool and even before than.

First the summer was almost ending and I hear Linkin Park new song on the radio, it sounded different from the music theyve put out before but I wasnt sure how to feel about it first. I was glad they were back, I didnt get into them as much as I was like for the first two albums in 2000 and 2004. Around 2007 when the MTM album was out I was way into the hardcore scene than ever before and I didnt really keep hold of linkin park how I use to and I regret it in a way.

Well back in sep. they were tickets to the MTV awards and linkin park happen to be preforming, I got tickets not only to the day of the show but also to see them practice. I was so excited to be there I was crying (dont tell anyone) Ive seen the guys twice but that was like 6 years ago. It was amazing to be so close to them and it made me realize how much I miss them. I bought their new album asap and loved it. I cant wait to see them live again in early next year for their next US tour.

Then Good Charlotte, no i was not a huge fan but they were one of the bands I listen to 8-10 years ago in my punk/punk pop days. I finally saw them for the first time in Jimmy Kimmel and had such a great time

Then Mariah Carey, yes even her. A pop icon who I adore since I was a kid in the 90’s. I remember watching her videos as a kid and wanting to be like her haha. I saw online that she was playing a free show in a venue not too far from me. I had the chance to see her for free! I was in line for 6 hours in the cold and another hour inside of waiting for her to come out to sing 8 christmas songs. She was amazing, I never have seen a solo artist that has been that great live. I had a great time.

Now Christina Aguilera, ive seen her preform and always thought she was amazing live. I never really have seen her get interviewed in person, so got tickets to see here at chelsea lately. I cant wait!

Then Yellowcard. This band is not well known like the other music artist ive mention above, but this band means alot to me. I remember around 2000-2002 I was in my Linkin Park crazy phrase and other bands like deftones and incubus. My friend made me a burnt copy of yellowcards cd and I hated it, she invited me to one of their shows in hollywood and I wasnt sure If I wanted to go. I never ever have been to a “rock” show so I said sure why not go to something Ive never tried. A few bands played before YC and I was front row well it was standing room only so I was in front of the stage (no gate) YC started playing, everyone was pushing me into the stage and I no clue what was going on. YC fans started singing along with ryan and a few songs passed by and I was just looking at the band and the fans and I rememeber clearly saying to myself, IM IN LOVE with this. Ever since that night I followed YC from 2002 to 2007, I saw them 20 times live and met all of them 5x, went to all their tv tapings and all l.a shows for 5 years. They were the band that entered me to such an amazing small venue scene that I still do it till this day, Ive seen over 400 bands live and any YC is still one of the shows I always had a fun time and never forget. I get to see them yes again this saturday . Ill have a blog posted next week about it along with pictures! IM so excited!

I had to alot to say in this blog, but it just amazes me how long these music artist stick around. Concerts, shows or gigs whatever you call, those things make me so happy and I hope to continue to see any music artist as long as I live.

Till then peace.

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