Tv Tapings

So for just the month of November alone Ive been to or going to 5 tv tapings. Its exciting to see your favorite actor or actress or music artist for FREE. The security, long waiting in line, waiting again in the studio, making you clap and laugh at things when its not even happy comes along with it. Its cool and sometimes annoying but to go through that to see someone you admire or even look up to is worth it. By living in Los Angeles theres tons of tapings around my area which is a great thing. Again Free events are always a bonus.

So I saw Christina Aguilera at the Chelsea Lately show, first off Christina is so pretty in person and very sweet and a bit funny, she was great! Anyways Ive never been to the Chelsea Lately show and Ive been to many tv taping but Ive never been to one that the security was so strict. They made me take off my sunglasses, like really? Also they made girls and guys take off their earrings and watches, I dont think that is necessary. I understand belts and keys but those other stuff um I dont think so and they didnt even ask in a nice way. I know their doing their job, they want us to be “safe” but at least ask in not an ass way, k thanks. Well thats what annoyed me on that day of the taping. OH and the was one nice guy who let me sit where I wanted, I wished I remembered his name but it was a dude wearing a blazer with a Chelsea latelty shirt. Also it was the shortest taping ever! Most of the tapings I go to last 3-5 hours or more and Chelsea only lasted it an hour or less. I wish Christina sang but no :(. Chelsea was pretty funny too btw. Well Im seeing Christina again next wednesday for the JAY LENO show. Im excited, I never been to his show.

So till then, peace

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