Im back

Yes sorry Ive been missing.

I had a couple busy days and now im sick.

So I have tons to talk about so lets get started.

The yellowcard show was fun, sad but about 80% of the setlist was songs I didnt know. hey didnt even sing old stuff like 1997-2002 era. I knew about 4 songs :(. It was pretty fun i guess, I met some nice gals. I took few videos and photos too

photo by: mariedet photography

Im looking forward for their new album, the new songs reminds me of the old stuff which is a great thing.

Anyways I saw Christina at the jay leno show. Now first off I had the best seats ever. I was right in front when she sang and I was still able to see her when she was getting interviewed. Thankyou staff of jay leno, I loved my seats!

Before the show My friend and I waited for a long time. 130pm till 6pm! I it was well worth it not because seeing christina but the taping itself. Ive been to many taping and this was by far the best. The warm up guy was so funny and nice. He even made fun of me in a nice way cause I wasnt into clapping and cheering. He was nice enough to cheer me up and made me clap and dance a little. He even did a really funny skit “angry gay guy in a bar fight” way funny seriously! The Jay went out and hes such a nice guy, talked to crowd and even took pictures with some guest on the set itself. Overall it was a really fun taping. christina sang so beautifully, I even cried a little haah. I will most def go again to the the Jay Leno taping no matter what guest!

Couple days later I went to Universal (theme park) I have a year pass and need to use it so my sister and I decided to go for a few hours, we didnt do much but I always have a good time. I notice as it was getting darker the more it got cold. An not so normal cold that l.a has been having. I happen to not have a jacket or nothing much to keep me warm. First of all it was pretty warm when the day started for us and then it was beyond freezing! Next day woke up and had a fever. That was last saturday and now it is tuesday! Hope I get better by thursday for tthanksgiving.

Last I will be taking my nurse exam to see if I can get into the school. I failed the first time YES I KNOW! i feel like a dumbass but hey its been over 4 years since Ive been to school or took a test so Im rusty. I will be retaking it tomorrow morning even though im sick.

OH! i forgot So linkin park tickets was on presale monday and here I am like a dummy all nervous and scared, awake at 7am and by the computer waiting till it strikes 9am for the tickets to go on sale for us LPUX members. 9am hits and I find out its not on sale yet for my city! what a major fail hahaah. Well they on presale for LPUX members dec 13, I cant wait!

Well thats all what happen in one week.

I will be posting soon about thanksgiving and i my dumbass failed that test or pass hopefully.

Till then peace.

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