Lazy blogger

Ok ok so I still haven’t said what has been going on. So this will be a lazy post. No pictures sorry

So what has been going on in my little boring world. Well I’m offically a student
nurse. Yes a nurse, back in school and it starts Jan 24. I’ve been to CPR and fire safety class and then workshop on wed. Stressing out to get to some requirements done and it’s due in a few days and I’m getting worried. Hope to get to over with by Monday.

Other than school. Earlier post I’ve mention about seeing linkin park and if I’m going yonder them play the staple center well…yes I am. I’m going to see them play feb 23 and I got two pit tickets. I’m excited.

So yea nothing else I could remember to write about that I could metion or forgot to mention sorry. Getting use to sleeping early for school

I’m tired so peace

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