Lets get this started..

So its the begining of NOVEMBER and I decided to use this more often…hopefully.

Halloween was lame, didnt do anything. dressing like a whore and getting away with it on a “hoilday” where its okay is not for me. BUT..dressing my dog and wearing a kick-ass mask is cool! XD


So now going on Nov. 1, My sister and I went to the jimmy kimmel show to see Good Charlotte. I know what youre thinking, yes their still alive! Ive listen to these dudes for over 8 years, i wasnt into them like a crazy fan but they have a good handful of songs i actually love.

We got there arond 5pm, scored street parking! free parking, free GC poster and a free show is rare nowadays. So we waited for 5 hours and its was well worth it, good thing i had starbucks or I would be restless the whole night. They sang songs I actually knew and that I can singalong to, it was way fun.

The night ended, ate at dennys and knocked out at 2am

Shows will always be fun to me, no matter whos playing. Ive seen over 400 bands now and Ill never get sick of it, next show Yellowcard! yes theyre still alive too haha

until then. peace

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One Day…

I will use this blog.

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